There are several companies who offer solar park grounds maintenance, why should I choose Orchard Groundcare?

Orchard Groundcare comes from a long standing heritage of farming and orcharding so working with the land and nature are deep rooted in what we do. We have experience of sites of all sizes with the full range of issues and challenges from across the country.

Is your workforce trained and competent to operate your various machinery?

Yes, we put all our team through training via LANTRA, City and Guilds or NVQ. We are members of Professional Trade Bodies and are audited. We hold a government Trust Mark.

Do you provide any form of consultancy?

Yes. We have a strong line in providing consultancy advice based on years of experience gained on solar parks across the country and understanding of plants, trees, grass seed types and of wildflower mixes.

My solar park has just been completed and the grounds are a mess, can Orchard Groundcare restore and revitalize my grounds?

Yes, we have restored ground conditions on many solar parks, with varying degrees of work needed. Much of this is done in conjunction with sowing grass and/or wild flower seed.

As well as ground maintenance within the solar park itself, is Orchard Groundcare able to plant and/or maintain hedge rows and trees around the perimeter of the park?

We look after large or small areas around parks, many of which include environmental protection and enhancement within.

I have a public right of way through my land, can orchard Groundcare accommodate access for this if erecting a fence or incorporate access into an existing fence? E.g. stiles or gates

We construct all sorts of access arrangements including those that are wheelchair friendly.

My land has problems with sitting water, what solutions could Orchard Groundcare suggest and provide?

We have the equipment and experience to provide a range of options to resolve such problems. It may be necessary to improve the ditches and swales as part of such works and again this is done in-house.

I have a pond on my land, would Orchard Groundcare be prepared to maintain it also?

Yes – we look after a number, some of which we have built.

My land has problems with weeds including broadleaf weeds, can Orchard Groundcare offer any solutions?

We understand the problems that broadleaf weeds produce with shading of panels. We have the full range of equipment and the legally required licences to do such work.

Are you able to program a long term contract that covers us for an amount of seasons/ years?

We will provide contracts up to 25 years to fit with the life of the park.

Wildlife preservation is very important to us, can Orchard Groundcare provide and construct wildlife refuges for various creatures?

‘We go the extra mile’ to protect and enhance flora and fauna, so very happy to deliver and manage environmental schemes.

I am very busy and personally don’t have time to monitor all of my sites, can Orchard Groundcare provide some form of monitoring and reporting program at all?

We provide a range of site assessment and monitoring services from monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual reports. These can include fixed point photography which shows the development of landscape schemes throughout the life of the park.